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Local School Places in Nationwide Math Contest

Local School Places in Nationwide Math Contest

Matific (http://bit.ly/2Fbj5N4), an award-winning education technology company, is proud to announce the winners of the US Matific Math Games (http://bit.ly/2oIZYzM), a free, online math competition aimed at improving American students' confidence and math skills in the classroom.

“Matific offers our hearty congratulations to the winners of the Matific Math Games Challenge, and we’d like to thank all of the participating schools for joining in this exciting competition,” said Kevin Sherman, Matific CEO. “Matific is a company committed to offering immersive math games to children around the world. With this competition, we hope students had the chance to find a new appreciation for math, and learn how excellent math skills can help them to accomplish larger goals in life.”

Matific takes a unique approach to teaching K–6 math, using hands-on and interactive mini-games that enable a blended learning approach in which teachers can select relevant episodes to integrate with hands-on math explorations in their classrooms. This process of guided self-discovery deepens students’ cognitive understanding, as well as their sense of personal achievement, and has also been shown to improve test scores by 34% (http://bit.ly/2Fgkf5Y).

During the US Matific Math Games, students completed Matific activities to earn stars (or points). The more activities students they completed, and the better they scored on those activities, the more stars they earned. Every student won at least one star per episode completed, with the potential to earn a maximum of five stars per activity. Each student also had the opportunity to replay each activity up to five times during the course of the competition, in an effort to improve their score.

One of Washington County’s elementary schools did very well in the Matific Games this year.

Riverside Elementary placed 5th in the Matific Math Games Challenge, and was one of the schools with the highest number of students participating. One of the representatives of Matific came to the school to present a certificate and to give the kids doughnuts

All three classes, third through fifth, placed in the top 10 in the nation. Craig Rasmussen’s class placed 4th, Michelle Green’s class placed 6th, and Jade Bluemel’s class placed 4th.

Each class got $150 towards Matific. 


source: https://www.techlearning.com/the-wire/matific-announces-national-k-6-math-competition

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